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Who said it was better on top?

Naruto Uke Love
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I Support Uke Naruto

Thanks for the banner! inuvampy!

Snag your very own banner to represent the comm by clicking on the pic above or by going here

Welcome to the Naruto Uke Love Community, where all pairings of Naruto is welcome. (Uke of course X3). This is a one spot place that you can post any pairings with Naruto. Among the most popular are SasuNaru and GaaNaru.
(But I hope to see more pairings! XD)

Your friendly neighbourhood mods are ai_no_kisu and blck_hyacinth

To contact us email: uke.love[@]gmail.com

-Some lil' regulations-

1. Naruto must be UKE in the pairing, that is why it is the Naruto Uke Love Community!
2. Large posts containing fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, scans, screencaps, 3+ icons, etc. MUST be under lj-cut. It is much neater and nicer that way.
3. Mature content should be labelled with a rating. (and under lj-cut)
4. Have fun and play nice kids! ♥

Da Top Ten!:
(This will be adjusted according to number of posts and such...=D)

1. SasuNaru
2. ItaNaru
3. NejiNaru
4. GaaNaru
5. KakaNaru
6. KibaNaru
7. ShikaNaru
8. IruNaru
9. KabuNaru
10. JiraNaru (eww...XP)

-:subject to change:-